Continuous Filtration

80 GPM

No Papers or Powders

Industry Leading Safety Record

Twin Chamber systems allow for true continuous filtration. When one chamber is self cleaning, the other chamber is filtering. No Operator intervention is required during the automatic cleaning cycles. Each chamber regulates its drying time automatically to insure dry crumbs from every cycle. 


Single Chamber

 Cooking Oil Filtration

The Micron-Pro Single chamber systems is designed for smaller batch, kettle, or continuous fryers. Filtering without paper media or filter powders contributes to the best ROI in the industry. Contact us today for more information!

Twin Chamber

Cooking Oil Filtration 

‚ÄčFiltration Automation is a company dedicated to safe, reliable, highly effective cooking oil filtration in the food industry. The Micron-Pro series filtration systems are the cutting edge of filtration technology, we offer a low cost of operation for all cooking oil types and highly effective method of filtration.