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Filtration Automation, Inc

Oil Filtration Systems for the food industry

The key to keeping the oil in your fryer clean is to remove the debris at a faster rate than it is being introduced to the fryer. We filter at an industry leading 65 GPM continuously with our twin chamber system. 

By using the debris in your fryer as a filter media we are able to filter emulsions and even coloration out of the oil 

Don't throw away oil with your debris. The Micron-Pro filtration systems remove up to 98% of the oil from the debris

Sub-Micron Filtration
High Volume
Dry Debris

Filtration automation is a company dedicated to safe, reliable, highly effective liquid filtration in the food industry. The Micron-Pro series filtration systems are the cutting edge of filtration technology in the food industry. We offer a low cost of operation and highly effective method of filtration. Whether your looking to lower the rate of rise in your Free Fatty Acid levels, or keep the color of your cooking oil in your target range. The Micron-Pro cooking oil filtration systems can help you achieve your goals.