Able to handle fryers running 18,000 Lbs of breaded and battered products with no need to shut down and drain dirty oil during your production process. Another benefit of removing large amounts of debris quickly is keeping your heat exchanger fins clean. Dirty fins are a common problem with many continuous frying operations. This can lead to poor energy efficiency from your fryer, and also cold spots in your heating zones. Cold Spots in your fryer can change the consistency of your products and can be hard to detect. To avoid these common issues please contact us today!

  Along with detailed training and available monthly PM programs, we have the added benefit of being able to watch your filtration system on line in real time to help with any trouble shooting or adjustments that need to be made. 

Twin Chamber Filtration Systems

The Micron-Pro Twin chamber oil filtration system has an industry leading safety record and are the only systems that filter at 80 GPM at under 10 PSI.

  When one chamber is going through the automatic hands free cleaning cycle, the other chamber is filtering. Once the chamber that is cleaning is ready to filter again, it automatically starts filtering when the other chamber is dirty. This process continues for the length of your production run. This method of filtration allows us to remove the debris from the oil before it can burn, causing the free fatty acid levels to rise and darken the coloration of the oil.