1. Once the filtration system is running in automatic mode, Chamber 1 inlet valve opens and starts filtering. 
  2. The system monitors how dirty the chamber is based off a combination of time and pressure. 
  3. Once the chamber becomes dirty the inlet valve on that chamber closes and the inlet valve on the other chamber opens and starts filtering on that chamber.
  4. Once the inlet valve on the dirty chamber is closed, the air purge starts drying the debris. The amount of time the air purge takes is automatically controlled, no operator intervention is required. 
  5. Once the debris dries, the chamber door opens and the crumbs are scraped off the filter screen into the fines bin or crumb conveyor. 
  6. The door on the chamber closes and is ready to start filtering again.
  7. Chamber 2 becomes dirty and starts going through the same cleaning cycle while the other chamber starts to filter. 

How It works 

The Micron-Pro filtration chambers can work independently or in sets. The cooking oil enters into the top of the chamber then passes through our patented filtration screen. Then the oil is channeled in the the drip pan which directs the oil into a common outlet tank. From there the oil is pumped back to the fryer, all this is done on a continuous loop during your production cycle.